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Enhance the Offering and Experience for Staff and Students

Teacher Enhancement Opportunity

In partnership with TEEP we are now able to offer the chance for school and college staff to enhance their skills through a variety of international exchange experiences which are fully funded, including travel, accommodation and board.

The activities vary from job shadowing and knowledge exchange to building new skills through structured training.

There are short term and long-term opportunities available for staff at all levels. The programme will not only enhance skills but will increase job satisfaction.

Student Enhancement Opportunity

Students on a vocational programme can expect a fully funded international exchange experience. Flights, accommodation and pocket money are all covered.

Together with TEEP, we facilitate the experience with our diverse network of professional organisations for internships, language classes and vocational training ensuring we always find the right place for the right student.

We can help you identify the most suitable exchange programmes for your school or organisation and guide you through the process, define the objectives of the exchange and ensure it was the right type of programme for your staff and students.

Best of all, both of these opportunities are fully funded. There is no fee to pay, and minimum effort required from schools and colleges, just the desire to enhance the offering and experience for staff and students.

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