Daniel Sobel - Inclusive Learning and Teaching

What are the challenges involved in implementing an approach to inclusive learning that is organisation wide? What is your role as a teacher in relation to inclusive practice? In this session, Daniel discusses how inclusive learning has been defined, looks at the different cognitive, physical and sensory abilities on learning and explains how policy and regulatory frameworks influence organisational policies relating to inclusive practice.

Daniel Sobel is the CEO of Inclusion Expert, Chair of the International Forums of Inclusion Practitioners (IFIP) which has representation in 105 countries, Founder of the Global Inclusive Teaching Initiative (GITI), consultant and advisor to over ten thousand schools, regional and national governments as well as UNESCO, UN and the EU. He has authored 3 best-selling books. The latest is The Inclusive Classroom which has been trending on Amazon as the number one education book for a year. Daniel has also authored over 90 articles and a successful Master’s programme for hundreds of students at the University of Buckingham in Inclusive Educational Leadership. Daniel is a prolific speaker and a major influencer in education with a massive following on LinkedIn.

Books: Narrowing the Attainment Gap, Leading on Pastoral Care and The Inclusive Classroom all published by Bloomsbury

Inclusion Expert: www.inclusionexpert.com

International Forum of Inclusion Practitioners: www.ifip.group

Global Inclusive Teaching Initiative: Global Inclusive Teaching Initiative | International Forums of Inclusion Practitioners (ifip.group)

Inclusive Educational Leadership Master’s Programme: MA in Inclusive Educational Leadership | University of Buckingham