Amy Mathews - Legislation and Curriculum Expectations

Why do we need to understand the individual needs of the children within our class and when does ‘difference’ become ‘deficit’? In this session Amy will explore the relationship between legislation, curriculum expectations and the ‘special educational needs register’. After analysing some of the day-to-day challenges that primary school teachers face when aiming to be ‘inclusive’, Amy will then look at practical, tried and tested ways in which we can make a lasting difference to children from different key stages. The aim of the session is to provide learners with pragmatic strategies which can be easily implemented.

Amy is Course Leader for Education at Coventry University; having been a primary school teacher in her early career, she moved into supporting SEN students, and in 2019 became a special lead educator for the local teaching alliance, organising CPD and network events. In 2020 she moved into higher education. Amy says that “knowledge of language acquisition, classroom management, the learning sciences and many other pedagogical approaches from primary education are now just as relevant when working with adults and…..…I still use an early years approach in my classroom!”