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About Us

In the educational system today, it is no secret that we significantly lack qualified teachers, and every Teacher Training UK employee is working extremely hard and diligently to remediate that.


Here at Teacher Training UK, we are a team of dedicated professionals with a mission to optimise individual teaching potential for those who desire to become qualified teachers.


Whether you are a graduate or non-graduate currently working in the education industry or a qualified professional with a passion to teach, then our services would be perfect for you.

We understand how important it is for young minds to have trained teachers in the classroom. They need excellent teachers and are relying on them to get the proper education they deserve.


We are also passionate about giving you the ability to exceed your own teaching expectations that you can be proud of.


This is why we are here, to help train you to teach. We strive to unlock your inner confidence and strengthen your skillsets so you can become the best educator as possible and a valuable, qualified asset to society.

Joe Toko MSc

Head of Learning


Teacher Training UK 

Innovation Centre Medway
Maidstone Road





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