Background to the Problem

It is clear that there is a very urgent social need to encourage and retain qualified teachers within our education system.  In 2013 it was estimated that there were around 17,000 teachers working in state schools that were unqualified, not including the number of unqualified teachers working in academies and alternative provisions, meaning that over 600,000 pupils in state schools alone are taught by unqualified teachers.


“It is currently unsustainable to continue to effectively educate our children with the ever decreasing amount of qualified teachers.  It is Teacher Training UK’s aim to deliver quality training at an affordable price, to the already dedicated unqualified teachers teaching in our schools, who may not be able to follow traditional routes into teaching. ” 


—  Joe Toko MSc, Senior Lecturer of Teacher Education 


There currently aren’t enough qualified teachers working in schools and we do not have enough people training to become teachers. In 2017 there was approximately a 40% reduction nationally in the number of applicants applying to teacher training programmes. We have seen a similar reduction for applicants applying for September 2018 courses.


Meanwhile, many of our existing unqualified school teachers are undertaking full teaching responsibilities but being paid considerably less than qualified teachers. It is Teacher Training UK’s belief that these individuals if given the appropriate training could be outstanding teachers, enriching educators and valued employees. 


Many people currently teach whilst unqualified because they do not have an A-C GCSE in English and Maths or a degree and therefore traditional routes into teaching are unavailable to them. Teacher Training UK’s programme is unique in that it incorporates a Maths and English qualification. You are also not required to have a degree, making this programme accessible to individuals who otherwise would not have the opportunity to train as a teacher.




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